CIADA Donates $39,750.00 to the Remount Foundation! With McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs.

CIADA Donates to Remount Foundation. 

The CIADA raised over 39,000.00 dollars for the Remount Foundation. This awesome program assists combat-injured veterans to calm nerves and improve one’s quality of life. The beauty of the natural environment connection of caring people and the intrinsic nature of the horse all contribute to healing. Equines desire and seek connection while their sensitivity to our emotional state makes them a mirror for our emotions.

What is equine assisted learning? 

Equine assisted learning is a program that utilized science and horses to help active military and veterans cope with P.T.S.D and other related services. This is a very exciting and rehabilitating experience for all who are involved. 

What is the CIADA? 

Colorado Independent Dealers Associations (CIADA) is a trade association formed in 1941 to advocate for the Auto Industry. Currently, CIADA has close to 1,100 Colorado members and is the largest statewide association representing the automotive industry.  



Happy Holidays! From McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs!

Happy Holidays! 

As 2017 is winding down we here at McCloskey Motors are looking back at everything we have accomplished this year! And we couldn’t have made any of it possible without the help of our awesome staff and of course our loyal customers. 

Thank You

So thank you to anyone that came and made another awesome year possible here at McCloskey Motors. From our many loyal service and detail customers to the first time car buyers we helped find their first car, and of course, our long-time friends and vendors that helped us all the with all our day to day needs.

So from all of us here at McCloskey Motors Thank and Happy Holidays and have a happy and safe new year! 

How to start a diesel engine! With McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs.

How to start a diesel engine 

Most people may think that you can start a diesel engine the same way you can start any other engine, but this isn’t true a diesel engine has glow plug’s which need to be warmed before they can be started. 

What damage could this cause 

If you choose not to let your glow plugs warm up there is a possibility that there could be damage to the emissions system if the combustion chambers aren’t warm sufficiently. Therefore the positive side of letting the glow plug’s warm-up is a cleaner fuel burn and the vehicle will idle more smoothly.  

The Video 

Now that you have all that information. Tune in as Jamie here at McCloskey Motors goes through a couple of vehicles to show what to look for when starting.  He has 3 vehicles to show how to start one is a very custom and sleek 1999 Ford F-250, next there is the Volkswagen Golf TDI, Last but not least we have a RARE 2010 Ford F-250 with a manual transmission and diesel engine. As always if you like this video or any of the content on this blog please give us a like of social media for more exciting content! 

How to start a diesel engine with McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs!

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