How to start a diesel engine! With McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs.

How to start a diesel engine 

Most people may think that you can start a diesel engine the same way you can start any other engine, but this isn’t true a diesel engine has glow plug’s which need to be warmed before they can be started. 

What damage could this cause 

If you choose not to let your glow plugs warm up there is a possibility that there could be damage to the emissions system if the combustion chambers aren’t warm sufficiently. Therefore the positive side of letting the glow plug’s warm-up is a cleaner fuel burn and the vehicle will idle more smoothly.  

The Video 

Now that you have all that information. Tune in as Jamie here at McCloskey Motors goes through a couple of vehicles to show what to look for when starting.  He has 3 vehicles to show how to start one is a very custom and sleek 1999 Ford F-250, next there is the Volkswagen Golf TDI, Last but not least we have a RARE 2010 Ford F-250 with a manual transmission and diesel engine. As always if you like this video or any of the content on this blog please give us a like of social media for more exciting content! 

How to start a diesel engine with McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs!

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Best Workplaces in Colorado Springs! Congratulation McCloskey Motors!

We are so excited and humbled! 

We did it! We would like to recognize and congratulate our staff for voting us one of the best workplaces in Colorado Springs as selected by The Gazette. This is a tremendous honor to our company. Our business executive’s and owner were excited to accept the award at The Inaugural Best Workplaces 2017 Ceremony!


  How can this help you? 

Well, what does this award mean to you? Well, this means that everyone you encounter here at McCloskey Motors will be happy to assist you! This means that our salespeople are much friendlier than the one you may find elsewhere! This awesome award means that everyone here has a true passion and care for the business and family atmosphere we promote here!  And love doing it here for this great company.  

The People 

Most of all we would like to thank the staff here at McCloskey Motors for taking the time to vote for McCloskey Motors! This wouldn’t have been possible without any of them! So thank you to our team for adding another award to our already impressive record. To that, we would also like to thank The Gazette for presenting us with the prestigious award. 


Small Business Saturday! With McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs.

The History 

Thanksgiving has come and gone, now its time for the holidays! Including Small Business Saturday. This was originally started in 2010 to be the counterpart to the Black Friday shopping at big box stores. This awesome holiday was designed to help put the holiday season money back into the community rather than to big box corporations.  

When and Where

So now you may be asking yourself, where and when is this awesome event? Well, good news this event is this Saturday, November 25, 2017!  Make sure you keep your eyes on local businesses like McCloskey Motors for some pretty sweet Small Business Saturday sales! 

Who started it! 

Small Business Saturday was started by American Express with the hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday. This is a great way to help support the community and mom and pop shops all over the Front Range. Thank you for supporting local and small businesses. Be sure if you stop by use the hashtag Small Business Saturday!